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ROXY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL ATTENTION SHORT FILMMAKERS:   The Golden Age of Short Filmmaking is upon us in a mighty way. If you have a brilliant, wonderful…

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Smoke Show: A Series Showcasing Film’s Beloved Femme Fatales

For the months of March and April, the Roxy Cinema presents “Smoke Show”, an extensive survey of film history’s savviest, coolest and most complicated female protagonists, anti-heroes and femme fatales.

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Women Rule the Screen at the Athena Film Festival

In its eighth year, the annual Athena Film Festival at Barnard College in New York City is a celebration of films that feature courageous and resilient women both…

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Film Noire: Celebrating Black American Cinema

Of all of cinema’s superlative qualities, the medium’s ability to both bridge perspective and manifest the artist’s subjectivity are the most potent. As such, the Roxy Cinema takes great…

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An Artful Assemblage from Sony Pictures Classics

Since 1992, Sony Pictures Classics has been the force behind the production and distribution of international independent films of the highest caliber. Its standards of quality and integrity have…

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