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Sacred Bones Records Served Up Terrifying Thrills with “Wake in Fright”

“Who wants to get a beer?” Caleb Braaten, the founder of Sacred Bones Records, kicked things off following three back-to-back viewings: his label’s rock band, Uniform’s mass-shooting data…

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The Mystery of Mysteries: Secrets Behind Some of Horror’s Most Cryptic Films

Occult conspiracy forms the basis of three of the foremost horror classics featured in The Roxy Cinema’s October lineup. The isolation of victims beset by beguiling enemies rouses the mind’s…

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Terror in Tribeca: Horror Flicks to Kick Off October

October is a month reserved for horror – what self-respecting repertory theater would deny its patrons the thrill of a good haunting, of blood-freezing terror, of a good old fashioned…

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Harry Dean Stanton, A Retrospective

As Roger Ebert famously once said, “no movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh can be altogether bad.” How fortunate for us then that Harry…

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Wendy Whelan Documentary “Restless Creature” Ravished The Roxy Cinema

There are few art forms as physically-evident of the time and dedication they require as the ballet. Sure, it takes decades to learn to cut a stone; every…

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