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ThrillHer: In Conversation with Bette Gordon

“All I did was look out the window wondering where life is…” Bette Gordon says, reflecting on her childhood. “Because it’s not in the suburbs.”   Having grown…

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Paul Schrader Enlightens Roxy Cinema Audience on His New Film ‘First Reformed’

Paul Schrader Gave a Filmmaking Masterclass to the Audience of ‘First Reformed’ The night Paul Schrader gave a Q+A at the Roxy, the cinema felt like all the air had…

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On The Job: Roxy Cinema Cop Series

Depictions of law enforcement have long been right at home in the cinematic medium, the figure of the police officer being a rich text unto itself. In Hollywood’s silent…

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Abel Ferrara | Rock ’til you Drop

The Roxy Cinema’s Curator Illyse Singer and filmmaker Jean Coleman solicit art and life tips from New York legend and national treasure Abel Ferrara. Stay tuned for…

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Smoke Show: A Series Showcasing Film’s Beloved Femme Fatales

For the months of March and April, the Roxy Cinema presents “Smoke Show”, an extensive survey of film history’s savviest, coolest and most complicated female protagonists, anti-heroes and femme fatales.

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