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An Artful Assemblage from Sony Pictures Classics

Since 1992, Sony Pictures Classics has been the force behind the production and distribution of international independent films of the highest caliber. Its standards of quality and integrity have…

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Natasha Lyonne and Kevin Corrigan Remember ‘The Slums of Beverly Hills’

What better venue than The Roxy for actors Kevin Corrigan (Goodfellas, The Departed) and Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is the New Black, But I’m a Cheerleader) to hold an impromptu 20-year…

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Even in Italy’s ‘Piazza Vittorio’, Abel Ferrara is Still the King

Abel Ferrara, the 66-year-old provocateur behind cutthroat classics The Driller Killer, Bad Lieutenant, and over 30 other feature films, dropped…

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DOC NYC Film Festival

The eighth edition of America’s largest documentary film festival, DOC NYC, is taking over New York’s IFC Center in Greenwich Village and Chelsea’s SVA Theatre and Cinepolis Chelsea this month…

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In Conversation with Abel Ferrara

The mention of Abel Ferrara’s name is usually met with one of two reactions. The first reaction is a blank stare given only by those not familiar with…

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