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January 12, 2018

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  • 6:00 PM


    January 12, 2018

    Documentary / 2017 / 90 minutes

    The work and life of celebrated chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall gets a well-deserved fresh look in Brett Morgen’s remarkable new documentary Jane. Culled from over 100 hours over never-seen-before footage from the vaults of National Geographic, Morgen’s focus is on how Goodall challenged the consensus of the male-dominated scientific community of her time and revolutionized the world of nature conservation. The newly unearthed footage is gorgeous and vivid, providing an unprecedented glimpse into Goodall’s exotic world and painting a detailed picture of a woman who, through patient determination, changed the way we look at nature, primates, and by extension ourselves. With narration from the 83 year-old conservationist/UN messenger herself and an evocative orchestral score by Philip Glass.

  • 7:45 PM

    A Prophet 35mm: SPC 25 Year Retrospective Series

    January 12, 2018

    Drama / 2010 / 155 minutes

    French director Jacques Audiard successfully gave the crime genre its first legitimate icon with his remarkable 2010 film A Prophet. Set in a French prison, the story follows a young Algerian man (Tahar Rahim) who, after being imprisoned for a petty offense, rises in the inmate hierarchy by criminally insinuating himself -- through drug trafficking and murder – in the warring Corsican and Muslim factions. The filmmaking is gritty and intense – as one would expect from a prison film – but Audiard handles it all with a skilled hand, finding more impact in the smaller moments and imbuing his charismatic lead with pathos, resulting in a hero’s journey that celebrates self-realization without glorifying the violence inherent in its setting. With a lush orchestral score by Alexandre Desplat.

  • 10:35 PM

    Talk To Her: SPC 25 Year Retrospective Series

    January 12, 2018

    Drama / 2002 / 112 minutes

    Coming hot off the heels of his critical darling All About My Mother, Spanish auteur Pedro Almodovar took a somewhat more downbeat tact with his no-less impressive 2002 film, Talk to Her. On the surface the story is about a pair of women – one a ballerina, the other a bullfighter – who both happen to be in coma, and the friendship that grows between two men – one a personal nurse, the other a journalist – who love them. As with all of Almodovar’s films there are layers upon layers, and while the director’s love of melodrama is still on full display, Talk to Her finds him operating on a deeper level, bravely ruminating on themes of trust, sacrifice and the complexities of misplaced desire in a manner that is wholly unique. With Rosario Flores, Javier Camara and legend of screen and dance Geraldine Chaplin.

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January 12, 2018