Adam Green At The Roxy Cinema

Adam Green is one of the most interesting working artists in New York. His specialty spans many disciplines from singing and songwriting to making films, paintings, drawings and sculptures. There is never a dull moment in Adam Green’s life and his work ethic is inspiring, he is constantly creating.  Over the year of 2020 Adam wrote and animated a poem.  Creating illustration, text and composing music, what transpired was MDVL: 1,000 Years of Dark Ages. It is a surrealist epic poem about AI, corporate communism, the hard drive of the universe, the phreaker wizard merlin, a plant orgy, mandatory corneal implants, a crusade to silicon valley,  and the future world becoming medieval again.

The Roxy Cinema premiered MDVL: 1,000 Years Of Dark Ages. The full animated poem can be found here. 

To celebrate the occasion Adam performed a small intimate acoustic concert in the cinema and there was a Q&A with Adam Green, Director Tom Bayne and Editor Yasmin Green.