Roxy Cinema Presents: JT LeRoy Q&A ft. Diane Kruger, Savannah Knoop & Justin Kelly

In honor of the release of JT LeRoy (2019), Roxy Cinema was proud to invite actress Diane Kruger, the film’s subject, Savannah Knoop, and director Justin Kelly to an advanced screening and Q&A regarding their work on this fascinating project. The film is based around Knoop’s real life experience portraying the ersatz writer JT LeRoy at public appearances on behalf of their sister-in-law, Laura Albert, who sold writing under the LeRoy moniker that detailed their supposed life as a gender non-conforming teen sex worker and addict. As you can imagine, this film provoked a rich, lively discussion amongst our esteemed guests and curator Illyse Singer about performance, identity, art and so much more. Another thrilling night of culture and conversation at The Roxy Cinema.