Midnight Delight All Summer

Now a staple of the American cinema landscape, midnight movies grew out of the early days of television when late night time slots were given to low budget genre films, faire that could be shown at a low cost to the station and fly under the radar of the FCC. Not to be outdone by the small screen, cinemas started to host their own late night horror and exploitation shows, giving films that had been ignored or misunderstood in their initial runs – movies like Tod Browning’s Freaks, George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and the now perennial Rocky Horror Picture Show – a second life. By the mid-70s, with the help of drive-ins, midnight movies had become a nationwide phenomenon, as common in small town America as New York and Los Angeles.

Keeping in this grand and proudly New York tradition, Roxy Cinema is featuring some wonderfully off-beat midnight selections for June. If dancing girls and psychodrama is your thing, you can’t go wrong with Paul Verhoeven’s 90s camp classic Showgirls. Perhaps you’re more in the mood for some A-list BDSM erotica, in which case 9 ½ Weeks, with steamy Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, awaits your pleasure? If your tastes run a little more to the vehicular, there’s David Cronenberg’s carnal, car-crazy Crash. You can bet your craving for dirty cops will be sated by Abel Ferrara’s sleaze-tastic masterwork Bad Lieutenant. And if beautiful backstabbers and high glamour are your game, you won’t want to miss Cruel Intentions.

Best of all, these forbidden delights are FREE all summer long. So whether you’re an insomniac, a B movie lover or just looking for a fun way to ride out the witching hour, Roxy Cinema Tribeca has your midnight movies covered.

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Words by Sebastian O’Brien