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Okay Kaya Live At The Roxy Cinema

Okay Kaya is a musician the Roxy Cinema loves. Her music is so cinematic. featuring such sweeping beautiful, etheric sound. She always delivers interesting lyrics and complex productions. Over the…

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Michael M. Bilandic Retrospective at Roxy Cinema and premiere of new film Project Space 13

Michael M. Bilandic is a New York director that captures the magic, oddity, and wildness of city life. His new movie Project Space 13 was shot over just 4 days…

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This Thanksgiving The Roxy Cinema Thanks You!

Decadent, lush images come to mind when thinking of the American Thanksgiving tradition; epic meals in large gatherings, time spent with family. 2021 has been a harder year than most,…

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Scream Slate Double Feature Reprisals

Scream Slate Double Features Presented by Screen Slate   On Halloween weekend Screen Slate took over the Roxy Cinema and presented a series of…

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Adam Green At The Roxy Cinema

Adam Green is one of the most interesting working artists in New York. His specialty spans many disciplines from singing and songwriting to making films, paintings, drawings and sculptures. There…

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