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December 3, 2021

Now Showing

  • 7:00 PM

    Project Space 13 + Q&A with Cast and Crew

    December 3, 2021

    Comedy / 2021 / 70 minutes

    An emerging performance artist finally gets a coveted show at a Manhattan gallery BUT right as he begins his durational, provocative piece, the entire city shuts down for COVID-19. Unswayed, he locks himself in a white cube space to continue his performance for an audience of none.

    Q&A with Cast and Crew following screening

  • 9:30 PM

    Happy Life w/ intro by Michael M. Bilandic

    December 3, 2021

    Comedy / 2011 / 73 minutes

    New York Tunez, an all techno record store, is going under. The owner, Keith, a down and out trance DJ, struggles to cope with the changing cultural climate. In a final effort to save the store he organizes a rave. Unfortunately, 2009 is a far cry from the early '90's.

    Intro by filmmaker Michael Bilandic preceding the screening

  • 3:00 PM

    The Exterminating Angel

    December 4, 2021

    Drama / 1963 / 95 minutes

    The guests at an upper-class dinner party find themselves unable to leave. Directed by Luis Bunuel.

  • 5:30 PM

    Hellaware w/ intro by Michael M. Bilandic

    December 4, 2021

    Comedy / 2013 / 73 minutes

    Jaded by the "incestuous, New York, socialite shit" that sells at prominent art galleries, Nate embarks on a quest for a more authentic brand of contemporary art. When a coked-up YouTube search leads to a music video from Delawarean Goth rappers Young Torture Killers, an Insane Clown Posse knock-off, Nate knows he's found his subjects. He soon drags his friend-with-benefits Bernadette to rural Delaware to shoot the group playing in their parents' basement. To "immerse himself" in the group's culture and add an extra layer of realism to his work, Nate befriends the rappers and makes return trips to get to know them. But as his relationship with group develops, he becomes increasingly aware that, while you can take the boy out of the art world, you can't take the art world out of the boy.

    Intro by filmmaker Michael Bilandic preceding the screening

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December 3, 2021